Soft Surface

What is Tygar “Soft surface” ?

100% recycled rubber mulch; combined with a binder ; mixed on site and levelled out to  provide a more attractive natural looking and cheaper option to traditional granulate wet pour. This hand finished surface is ideal for schools, playgrounds or even under children’s play equipment at home.

With a choice of colour (or colour combination) Tygar “Soft surface” can be laid directly onto most existing substrates, with no need for a formal sub-base. Thus creating a more cost  effective, aesthetically pleasing and safe soft surface for a variety of applications.

Soft surface” Safety

Childrens safety is paramount.
Tygar “Soft surface” has been tested to be fully compliant with BS:1177 safety standard and is certified to have a critical fall height (CFH) of 3.2m when 40mm depth is laid on grass.

This criss-cross matrix of the shredded rubber that makes up the surface means that “Soft surface” is not too smooth, resulting in excellent non-slip properties in both dry and wet conditions.

With 7 great colours to choose from, you can create a dramatic effect with one colour, or mix and match to your hearts desire.



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